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All employees of a company have to carefully deal with this "capital". Like with real financial capital, the objective is to take care of and increase the "customer capital".

6. How does one hold a customer conversation ?

In theory everything seems very easy: The customer comes and tells the employee what he wishes. The employee then fulfils the order of the customer. Both parties benefit from the business done in the end. However, in reality it does not function so easy, even if the main steps are included in this simple description:

The above outlined steps only show a very small aspect of the whole process and all the efforts involved in a customer advisory conversation. So, it is e.g. very important for the customer to constantly get the feeling that the salesman, advisor or service technician is absolutely committed to find in co-operation with him the shortest, fastest and most secure way to solve his problem.

The advisory or sales conversation should always be experience-rich and interesting for both parties. Also the customer should not get overloaded with too many unnecessary technical details. The customer wants to have a feeling of success after making a purchase. So, it is important to present technical explanations if they should be necessary in a simple and easy to understand way.



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