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Even more influence on the first impression however do have the people that are in the room (e.g. sales personnel or customer advisors). Positive atmospheric conditions favour the course of a sales talk significantly. This is intensified even more if between the customer and the salesman a mutual feeling of sympathy develops.

Some fundamental advice for the opening of a customer conversation:

During the first contact conversation the customer has told the employee his wishes or his problems. However, very often actually quite a big difference can be noted between what the customer wishes and what he really needs. For this reason as many information as possible should be collected from the customer. In order to be able to make the customer as many alternative offers as possible the employee or salesman has to get to know the following:

It does not make much sense to try to sell a customer with such a purchase wish more expensive products with e.g. an exclusive design. In this case one speaks of a "rational purchase wish" and about a corresponding " rational purchase advisory or consulting".

More expensive, higher value products can rather be sold to customers who are buying for "emotional" reasons. This type of customers often buys products because they represent a status symbol. E.g., the customer already owns a beautiful house with a swimming pool and now only an eye catching solar energy installation is missing.


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