Project information & Table of contents

The objective of the SERVITEC Project is to develop education modules for service technicians in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector. The intention behind the development of these education modules and their use in corresponding further education training courses is to provide the service technicians with the necessary key qualifications in order to prepare them for the actual and future technological, economical and ecological challenges in this sector. The SERVITEC Project is co-ordinated by IWB Radolfzell e.V. and is supported under the LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme of the European Union. Project partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and France participate in the project. The SERVITEC Website is hosted by EDUVINET - Education via Networks. (-> EDUVINET Webhosting)


More Project information
Project summary A short project summary about the objectives and the background of the SERVITEC project
Some pictures of the project work Some pictures of the work on the project meetings and some pictures of the SERVITEC further education training courses
Meeting programmes The programmes of the project meetings
Download the SERVITEC 1999 Interim Report The main parts of the SERVITEC - LEONARDO DA VINCI 1999 Interim Report for downloading (zipped MS-Word 97 file - - 29,5 KB). The Interim Report is in German only !


In the following table you find the SERVITEC Website Table of Contents with links to all main sections of the SERVITEC Website including a short link comment. You can also always reach all the main SERVITEC Website sections using the menu frame you should see on the left side of your screen.


SERVITEC Website Table of Contents
Project information & Table of Contents This page with general information about the project
Partner team A short presentation of the project co-ordinator, project partners and project supporters
Modul I Communication & Customer advisory The start page of the Internet version of Modul I "Communication & Customer advisory"
Modul II Solar energy technology The start page of the Internet version of Modul II "Solar energy technology"
Modul III Air-conditioning & Solar cooling technology

The start page of the Internet version of Modul III "Air-conditioning & Solar cooling technology"

Modul IV Condensing boiler technology The start page of the Internet version of Modul IV "Condensing boiler technology"
Modul V Electrical engineering - Basics The start page of the Internet version of Modul V "Electrical engineering - Basics"
SERVITEC Discussion forum Web-based discussion forum that can be used to discuss the developed modules and other related subjects.
Homepage The Homepage of the SERVITEC project


Please do not hesitate to send us all your comments and suggestions with regard to the project and with regard to the developed materials and their presentation (E-Mail: .

Yours sincerely,

Edmund Ohlendorf, Studiendirektor
(SERVITEC Project co-ordinator)
and Josef Hund, Oberstudiendirektor
(Chairman, IWB Radolfzell e.V.)



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