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A very good tool that helps to visualise the service technicians important interdependencies in regard to the possibilities to save energy and to reduce the CO2 emission through the use of solar energy technology, are computer simulation programmes like "F-Chart". Comparable computer simulation programmes are also used in the collector, storage, and control and regulation technology (s. corresponding chapters).

Diagram 7 was e.g. created with such a simulation programme and shows the "average monthly solar coverage rate" of a solar energy installation used for water heating purposes in Germany over a one year observation period. The "solar coverage rate" indicates that in the summer months June and July the complete water heating for an average household in Germany can be done with a solar energy installation. During the winter months however, substantial additional heating must be done using other energy sources. Diagram 8 shows the energy savings and emission reductions which can be achieved with a solar energy installation for water heating purposes in Germany.

Diagram 7: Average solar coverage rate of a solar installation used for water heating in Germany

English translation of technical terms and sentences in diagram 7:

Solare Brauchwasserbereitung

= Water heating with solar energy
Solare Deckungsrate = Solar coverage rate
Jan.,..., Dez. = January,..., December
Straße, Haus-Nr.: = Street, house number
PLZ, Ort: = ZIP code, city
Objektanschrift: = Direction of the location where the system is going to be installed

= Person in charge of the data collection
Energiedaten = Energy data
Solarstrahlung = Solar radiation
Wärmebedarf = Energy need
Zusatzenergie = Additional energy
Sonnenenergie = Solar energy
Wirkungsgrad = Efficiency coefficient
Deckungsrate = Coverage rate
Monat = Month
Januar,..., Dezember = January,...., December
Jahr = Year
Diese Werte sind Mittelwerte
über einen Zeitraum
von mehreren Jahren
= These values are mean
values determined
over a period of several years


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