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Diagram 11: Energy needs (warm water and heating) of residential buildings in KWh/m2/year as a function of the building or construction regulations

English translation of technical terms and sentences in diagram 11:

Energiebedarf von Wohnhäusern
= Energy needs of residential buildings
Energiebedarf kWh/m2 pro Jahr = Energy need in kWh/m2 per year
Bestand = Older buildings
WSch VO 1984 = Building or construction regulation of 1984
WSch VO 1995 = Building or construction regulation of 1995
ES VO 1999 (NEH) = Building or construction regulation of 1999
Passivhäuser = Passive energy houses
Warmwasser = Warm water
Heizung = Heating

Diagram 12 and 13 show examples for advertising letters that can be sent to the customers. In these letters, the customers are being informed about the discussed ecological and economic advantages of solar energy systems as well as about the currently existing public financial support programmes for solar energy technology use.

Diagram 12: Example for an advertising letter for customers promoting the advantages of solar energy technology use

Translation of technical terms and phrases in diagram 12:

"Tax refund" through the sun ?

Dear Sirs:

we invite you to frequently sunbathe in your bathtub - for free - financed by the sun and the state. Use the public financial support programmes available for solar energy systems as kind of a "tax refund". The only condition for all this is your investment in the sun.
The media almost every day is featuring stories about the use of solar energy. Many developments have occurred recently and one can indeed now claim that the solar energy technology has left the childhood age and has grown up. New highly efficient collectors are the best proof for this.
Now, it is "high noon" for applying for the financial support the Federal Office for Economic Affairs (German: Bundesamt für Wirtschaft - BAW) has granted for solar energy systems that are going to be installed in the years 1997 and 1998. For this reason, we recommend our customers not to hesitate and to submit an application for financial support even if they don not plan to immediately purchase a system.
It does not happen very often that one can "kill three birds with one stone". If you decide to invest in the sun instead of depositing all your money in the bank you will be able to achieve a multiple benefit:

  1. Solar energy yields that pay out in German Mark and Pfennigs
  2. Your very personal contribution to the protection of the environment by reducing the CO2 emission
  3. Your conventional boiler will have considerably less work to do

We would be very happy to provide you with more information about all this. The roof of your home can certainly also be used for a solar energy installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us and request a price quote. We would also be very pleased to inform you in a customer advisory conversation about all the currently available public financial support programmes

With kind regards


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