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Diagram 13: Example for an advertising letter for customers promoting the advantages of solar energy technology use

Translation of technical terms and phrases in diagram 13:

"Comparison of benefits"

Who does not want to get as much out of his money as possible ?

If you want more than money and interest income then do not hesitate to contact us !
We make more out of your money: With an investment into a solar energy system you do not only save expensive energy but also help to actively protect the environment. And you can help a lot: Already with a 5 m2 collector area you can reduce the emission of environmentally harmful substances of your household by 1,2 tons per year. On the other hand you can save about DM 500,- in water heating costs.

Capital investment of DM 10000,- at an interest rate of 4%*) = DM 400,- of interest income/year *)=estimated interest rate Solar energy system costing DM 10000,- = DM 500,-*) of energy cost savings per year (2500 x 20 Pfennigs *)=system with 5 m2 collector area, solar storage system with 300 litres of storage volume, accessories and average installation costs
Prices excluding possible support from financial support programmes and value added tax !

The calculation works: = DM 100,- additional financial benefits
= 25% improvement of financial benefits

Your benefit calculation could also look like this. Including the financial support from the various existing support programmes the numbers would look even better.
What are you waiting for ? The sun is shining for free and for all. Also for you ! So, we invite you to try out to sunbathe in your bathtub and allow your conventional heating system to take a break for the big part of the year.
Feel free to contact us. We would be very pleased to give you any advice you need and we also can explain you how to apply for financial support and help you to fill out the corresponding application forms.

With kind regards


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