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Diagram 27 shows how it is possible to determine the technical requirements of different solar energy systems and devices with a computer simulation programme ("F-Chart"). One enters the corresponding project variables, e.g. the given manufacturer data about a particular collector type and then the software returns important information one has to know for a correct collector installation like the angle of inclination for the collectors and other data that are important for the dimensioning of the corresponding storage system.

Diagram 27: Computer simulation programme for the calculation of technical data of different devices and systems

English translation of technical terms and sentences in diagram 27:

Solare Brauchwasserbereitung

= Water heating with solar energy
Angaben zum Projekt = Project data
Projektname/Standort = Project name/location
Wetterdatensatz = Weather data record
Geographische Breite = Longitude
Grad = Degree
Höhe über NN

= Metres above/below sea level
Angaben zur Kollektoranlage = Collector system data
Kollektorfläche (Apertur) = Collector area
Stück = Pieces
Modulanzahl = Number of modules
Hersteller/Lieferant = Manufacturer/supplier
Modellbezeichnung = Brand name
Evolventer VRK 16 = Special curve shape vacuum tube collector 16
Art der Abdeckung = Type of collector cover
vertikale Glasröhre = Vertical glass tube
Konversionsfaktor = Conversion factor
Verlustfaktor 1 = Loss factor 1
Verlustfaktor 2 = Loss factor 2
Kollektorneigung = Collector inclination angle
Kollektorausrichtung = Collector orientation
Kollektordurchsatz gesamt = Total collector throughput
Liter = Litres
Kollektordurchsatz spezifisch

= Specific collector throughput
Angaben zur Brauchwasseranlage = Storage system information
Speicherinhalt = Storage tank volume
Kaltwassertemperatur = Cold water temperature
Warmwassertemperatur = Hot water temperature
Warmwasserbedarf = Warm water need
Liter/d = Litres/day
Verluste im Brauchwassersystem = Losses in the storage system
Nachheizsystem = Additional heating system
Ölheizung mit Heizöl EL = Fuel based heating system
Anlagengüte der Nachheizung = Device quality of the additional heating system
Durchschnittliches System = Average system
Nutzungsgrad der Nachheizung = Usage rate of the additional heating system


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