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In many solar energy installations antifreeze has to be added in the winter. In diagram 28 the service technicians can see how much percent antifreeze should be added best depending on the outside temperature.

Diagram 28: The right antifreeze mixture for a solar installation as a function of the outside temperature

English translation of technical terms and sentences in diagram 28:

= Temperature
Fest = Solid
Flüssig = Liquid
Keine Sprengwirkung (Eisbrei) = No explosive effect (ice paste)
Empfohlene Konzentration = Recommended concentration
Stockpunkte nach DIN 51583 = Solidification point according to DIN 51583
Kälteschutz = Freezing protection
Eisflockpunkte nach ASTM D 1177 = Point at which ice flakes are forming according to ASTM D 1177
Tyfocor = Tyfocor antifreeze liquid


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