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8. Regulation and control technology

The control and regulation technology represents another important part of the solar energy technology. It is closely related to the already discussed collector and storage technologies. So e.g., the circuit diagram 52 shows a temperature difference regulator for a simple solar energy system manufactured by the company Resol. Such a regulator works as follows: The collector system collects the energy of the sun radiation. The storage system with its heat exchangers make it possible to use this energy for the heating of water. The regulator is determining the temperature difference between the collector sensing element (FKY) and the storage sensing element (FRY). As soon as the temperature difference equals or exceeds a certain limit value the regulator had been programmed for the pump is starting to load the storage tank.

Diagram 52: Circuit diagram of a temperature difference regulator manufactured by Resol for a simple solar energy system

English translation of technical terms and sentences in diagram 52:

= Collector sensing element
Speicherfühler = Storage sensing element
Meßfühler = Measuring sensing element
Pumpe = Pump

Diagrams 53-55 show the different types of sensing elements used for control and regulation purposes. The first diagram (diagram 53) shows a so called flat lay-on sensing element that is usually installed on flat and smooth surfaces. The second diagram (diagram 54) shows a so called pipe lay-on sensing element for any tube diameters with band clip. The third diagram (diagram 55) shows a so called dip-in sensing element.

Diagram 53: Flat lay-on sensing
Diagram 54: Pipe lay-on sensing

Diagram 55: Dip-in sensing


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