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The probability of making mistakes during the planning and the installation of a solar energy device that can cause it to malfunction or can cause it not to function at all is very high. So e.g., pump outputs can be programmed too high, sensing elements and outlet vents can be installed incorrectly and control units or regulators can be adjusted wrongly, etc..

In order to make the service technicians the technical interdependencies as well as the different assembly steps as clear as possible, also the training lessons in storage technology and in regulation and control technology should be as practice-oriented as possible. If one gives the students the opportunity to make measurements with real system components and assemble components on their own they usually develop a better understanding as to how to avoid mistakes. Also, the strength and weaknesses of different storage systems can clearly be recognised and so a better customer advisory is possible.

For these reasons, the following experimental training installations should be available for training lessons about storage systems and regulation technology used for water heating:


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