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4. Order planning: The most important actions service technicians should be able to take in this regard

Like it has already been mentioned the overall goal of the continuing training measures of this project consists in providing the service technicians with all the knowledge they need in order to be able to completely handle an entire order process on their own. A good way to train all the many different steps that are part of such an order execution process is to split the class into small groups and give each group an assignment in the form of a fictitious customer order, e.g. the planning and realisation of a solar energy installation for a family with four members.

First of all, the service technicians now have to collect in their companies, i.e. under real conditions, as many data as possible for the execution of this fictitious order. In this way, they also learn to judge if at all and in which time such an order can be realised. Special emphasis should be put on the fact that the students work with original manufacturer information and product documentation.

Below one finds a list with actions the service technicians should be able to take in order to prepare the realisation of a customer project or order:


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