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The following diagrams 3 and 4 show planning data sheets that are used for the collection of project specific data at the location where the devices and systems are going to be installed:

Diagram 3: Planning data sheet for the collection of data for a solar energy project

English translation of technical terms and sentences in diagram 3

Planungsdatenblatt für Erstellung einer Planning - Datenerhebung des Objekts = data sheet for the collection of Solaranlage
data for a solar energy project
Name, Vorname: = Last name, first name
Straße, Haus-Nr.: = Street, house number
PLZ, Ort: = ZIP code, city
Objektanschrift: = Direction of the location where the system is going to be installed

= Person in charge of the data collection
Nutzung der Solaranlage für = Use of the solar energy installation for
Brauchwassererwärmung = Water heating
Brauchwassererwärmung + Raumheizung = Water heating + room heating
Schwimmbeckenerwärmung = Swimming pool water heating
Brauch- und Schwimmbeckenwassererwärmung

= Water heating and swimming pool water heating
Warmwasserbedarf/Wohnbereich = Warm water consumption/living space
Persohnenzahl = Number of people
Warmwasserbedarf (45°C) geschätzt je Tag
und Person einschließlich Verluste
niedrig 35L, mittel 50L, hoch 80L
= Estimated warm water (45°C) consumption
per day and person including losses
low 35 litres, medium 50 litres, high 80 litres

Warmwasserbedarf gewerblich = Warm water consumption for business purposes
Verwendungszweck = Purpose of use
Bedarf L/Tag = Consumption in litres per day
Temperatur °C = Temperature in °C
Raumheizung = Room heating
Nur empfehlenswert bei Flächenheizungen
oder sehr geringen Rücklauftemperaturen
= Only recommendable with area heaters or
very low return flow temperatures
zu beheizende Wohnfläche m2 = To be heated living space in m2
Heizungsrücklauftemperatur °C = Heating system return flow temperature in°C
Wärmebedarf w/m2

= Heat consumption in w/m2
Projekt = Project
Einfamilienhaus = Single family house
Mehrfamilienhaus, Wohnungen = Multiple family house, apartments
geplant, im Bau, Altbau = Planned, under construction, old building
Vorhandene Anlage = Existing systems and devices
Brauchwasserspeicher = Water storage tank
ja, Inhalt L, nein = Yes, volume in litres, no
Öl, Gas, Elektro, Zentral = Oil, gas, electro, central
Fabrikat, Typ, Baujahr = Brand, type, manufacturing year
Standspeicher, im Kessel = Standing storage, in the boiler
Pufferspeicher, ja, nein = Buffer storage, yes, no
Größe L, Fabrikat = Volume in litres, brand
Schwimmbadheizung = Swimming pool heating system
Freibad = Outdoor swimming pool
freie Lage, geschützte Lage = Unsheltered location, sheltered location
Hallenbad = Indoor swimming pool
Abdeckung vorhanden, ja, nein = Covering existing, yes, no
Beckengröße = Size of the pool
Länge m, Breite m, Tiefe m = Length in metres, width in m, depth in m
Nutzungszeitraum = Period of time in use
Mai-August = May-August
April-September = April-September
ganzjährig (Hallenbad) = Full year (indoor swimming pool)
gewünschte Wassertemperatur °C = Desired water temperature in °C
Badewasserheizung vorhanden, ja, nein = Bath water heating system existing, yes, no


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