Project summary

SERVITEC is a pilot project within the framework of the LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme of the EUROPEAN UNION. The full title of the project is:

SERVITEC - Transnational training modules for service technicians in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector

Objective of the project
Developing transnational training modules for service technicians in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector.

Project background
In many EU Member States the initial vocational training that students and young employees receive in the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector is not sufficient to guarantee a good service and maintenance of the every day more complicated technology and facilities this industry deploys to its customers. In each Member State the possibilities for service technicians of this sector to obtain new certified skills are different. Also, the quality of the continuing training measures offered varies significantly, even within the Member States itself. For this reason, the German Federation for Sanitary, Heating and Air-conditioning has formulated in 1997 some minimum requirements for the continuing training of service technicians and has declared its intent to issue a federal certificate for the successful completion of corresponding training courses. A continuing training initiative and the acquisition of new additional skills is in the interest of students and employees with regard to securing their jobs as well as in the interest of companies with regard to keeping up with international competition.

Project results
The development of pedagogically useful training moduls that can be used in continuing training courses for service technicians in different Member States is a task that has to be solved in the future. Industry associations, scientific organisations, small and medium sized enterprises and initial and continuing training centers and schools have to co-operate to develop these modules. The SERVITEC partner team is dedicated to make a first step in this direction by developing during the course of the project exemplary modules for the following subjects:

- Communication & Customer advisory
- Solar energy technology
- Air-conditioning - Solar cooling
- Condensing boiler technology
- Electrical engineering - Basics

Project partners
The project is co-ordinated and realised by IWB Radolfzell e.V.. Project partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and France participate in the project. The project receives financial support from the LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme of the European Union.

The Sanitary, Heating and Air-conditioning Association of Freiburg (SHK Innung Freiburg) supports the dissemination of project results. The developed moduls will also be integrated into the EDUVINET (Education via Networks) Information Service IWB maintains on the Internet. In this way, the popularity of EDUVINET can be used to promote the SERVITEC contents and materials. Furthermore, the moduls will be available on CD-ROM as well. The project partners will support the dissemination of results as best as they can using the normal information distribution channels of their respective partner organisations.


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