The year is 1998 AD !

Germany has entirely forgotton the Romans.

Well, really ???

No, of course not.

A small group of students with a sense of history still dares to unfold the true story:


Tracing Roman Roots in Bonn *

* the remaining letters were just latinized. Or do they mean "Bon(n)us"? Okay, in order to reject any blame: the term has been coined by our (nearly) ingenious leader Mrs. Barbara Scherer.

A funny abbreviation for a funny lot. No, to be serious: TRiBuS is an extra-curricular work group of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium; on each Friday from the end of the lessons until an open ending, on several very long Saturdays and during a shool workshop they made investigations about "The Romans in Bonn" and created webpages on that topic.

I see. And who is responsible?

About 40 people, including a few teachers and parents, had a try in teamwork. Hey! It wasn't that bad, and in spite of some communication problems we hope we have succeeded in setting something on foot. There were four groups in our powerful cohort: graphic designers, reporters, the "materialists" and, above all, those people who illustrated everything on webpages. Let's call them "programmers".

The graphic designers:

It was their task to draw pictures, maps and things we needed for the graphic editing. They were responsible for the conversion of the project into pictures. Our logo and this impressive Roman soldier for instance were designed by Angela Matthies. The woman in charge in this group was Mrs. Andrea Heyer.


The reporters:

The reporters were runners chased through Bonn by Mrs. Renate Johannes. Busy little helpers taking a lot of pictures and in doing so they were often mistaken for Japanese people. When not smiling they supplied us which important information and even developed their photos themselves. Special thanks to our honorary reporter Mr. Clemens Pflueger, a permanent advisor to us.



The "materialists":

They are also called "scientists", because strictly speaking they have nothing to do with capitalism, only "Büdchen woman" will be grateful. In charge of the background investigation they did the preliminary work for the writing of the texts with Mrs. Ursula Pfuff as their scientific consultant.



The programmers

To call them information scientists would be an insult. Well, this group of square-eyed people edited and in part developed the complete material and transformed it into webpages. So these people were responsible for the layout - in a correct balance of power with the graphic designers. Under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Scherer, our "Lady in Violet", Amazon of the Internet, the carrier of the portable CD-ROM drive, the keeper of the notorious graphic discs, this group was able to convert the rather crazy ideas of the whole cohort.

Mrs. Elisabeth Matthies and some Latin specialists willing to work have just begun with the translation.