The common Roman soldier

Well, the common Roman soldier normally has got a carreer of 25 years unless he bites the dust or dies from poor food before that. Our soldier gets clothing, weapons and about 300 denars per year, which was not a lot even then. When he is still alive after 25 years, he gets a compensation of 3000 denars and when he is lucky and not a Roman he may get the Roman citizenship.

The everyday life of our soldier is tough. It is characterized by few conveniences, deprivation, hard disciplin (most severe punishment on the slightest offense), long walks with luggage of 30-40 kg. If he has got bad luck, the food of our soldier consists of vegetables, groats und cheap wine, that is entirely vegetarian, for 25 years. Roman soldiers are or rather have to be universal talents. They have to repair their weapons and other gadgets just with what there is at hand; they have to build bridges and streets, do tailoring and work with stones ...

In spite of their tough lifes, a lot of soldiers like living with the army - and live can be worse.