Air-conditioning - Solar cooling

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Welcome to the starting page of MODULE III "Air-conditioning - Solar cooling". Please pay particular attention to point 5 "Demonstration model solar cooling". ZEBA company partner team developed the presented solar cooling demonstration model in co-operation with the SERVITEC during the course of the project.

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Table of contents MODUL III Air-conditioning - Solar cooling
Preface Page 2
1. Introduction to ventilation and air conditioning technology Page 3
2. Model plant for technical service exercises Page 28
3. Control functions (of air-conditioning plants) Page 32
4. Refrigerating maschines - Training units Page 64
5. Solar cooling - A demonstration model for the classroom Page 70
6. Download article: "Air-conditioning with solar energy" (Henninge.pdf, PDF-Format, ~ 2,2 MB)
Author: Dr. Hans-Martin Henning of Fraunhofer Institut - Solar Energy Systems Freiburg/Germany. Dr. Henning presented this article on the 4th transnational SERVITEC project meeting taking place from 30 Sept. 2000 to 5 Oct. 2000 in Barcelona und Almería (Spain).
Download MODULE III "Air-conditioning - solar cooling" as a zipped MS-Word 97 file ( - English version, - deutsche Version, all versions ~ 5,9 MB) 



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