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1. Introduction into electrical engineering

Electric current is a very often used form of energy since it can be applied in many different ways and is easily available and transportable. In the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning sector especially the following characteristics and effects of electric energy are being used:

1.1 Effects of electric energy

1.1.1 Heat effect of electric energy

Electric energy can be converted into heat energy. E.g. the following appliances make use of this effect: Electro-ovens, arc welding sets, fuses and immersion heaters.

Diagram 1: Immersion heater

1.1.2 Magnetic effect of electric energy

Each conductor that is carrying electric current is building up a magnetic field around itself. By rolling up the conductor to a coil this effect, i.e. the magnetic field can be even more increased.
The possibility to convert electric energy in magnetic field energy is e.g. used in: lifting magnets, contactors and in solenoid valves.

Diagram 2: Solenoid valve


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