Remains of a temple at the Minster

Matronenstein R emains of Roman temples at the Bonn Minster remind us of the fact that in Roman times there was a shrine of the aufanic matrones here. These are three goddesses which are always represented sitting next to each other with big fruit baskets; two older matrones are wearing large, wide hats, whereas the younger one in the middle has got no headgear.

A n inscription at the building tells us about a big temple erected for these matrones in the reign of the Emperor Antoninus Pius. In the time of severe distress during a plague epidemic not only the local people, but also members of the military administration from Germania inferior came here.

We can gather from sacred stones that in addition to the matrones other Roman gods were worshipped in the area of the modern Minster, such as Mercurius,Gebrinus,Pluto and Proserpina, the goddess Victoria.

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